courage & gratitude

Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.


One has told me when I was at the stage of leaping: you have to have the courage to jump the ship when time comes. And you have to have the courage to make another jump if things don’t work out.

That has registered in my mind as engraved.

I have thought about it enough. I have considered all known and unknown factors. I have calculated all the risks. I crunched all the numbers. I faced the question "what if I fail and lose everything?". I imagined what I would get and what I would lose. I scared and I was happy. I was uncertain. And I was anxious and I was apprehensive.

And I took the courage to make the decision to jump off.

It must have been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. My chicken heart beat the wildest beats and squeezed up the most aching squeeze every time I think about where I am heading to.

Gau was worrying about me. And he’s worried about us. With all the positivity left that I can accumulate, I asked him to trust me and trust that I can carry myself.
And I told myself I had to believe in myself too. I refrained from negative thoughts. I thought the most positive thoughts. I pictured the brightest pictures.

And I tried all the possible ways. I reached out to everyone, asking for help. I knocked on every doors. Above all, I stay grateful for haven’t landed flat on the ground. I had the courage to believe I deserve good things.

All the positivity has gradually paid off. I’ve received calls and emails. I’ve met people and I’ve got the best news today. I know more will be coming.

In this very right moment, I can’t express enough how grateful I am. Gratitude should never be underrated. I do believe gratitude does wonder.

I’m grateful for having the courage to believe in what I do and what I deserve. I’m grateful for having a supportive boyfriend. I’m grateful for having friends who are willing to help because they think I deserve their help. I’m grateful for all the opportunities. I’m grateful for having everything that I’m having.


courage & gratitude

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