I should be happy and thankful instead of being worried and coward.

Praises have already done wonder when lifting one’s spirit up. At times, praises will make you feel deadly guilty like I do now. The vision that I’m gonna let someone down is killing me. Totally.

Sometimes, you can’t decide which to pick from 2 good things. Whatever choice you make, it will let someone down but you still have to carry on, with good judgement.

I have reasons for my decision and I believe that serves up to my best interest and priorities at the moment. I don’t hope the people that I’m gonna let down to forgive me, i hope they will understand my choice and that doesn’t have anything to do with them.

Have I mentioned I’m super inspired by that smart guy? It’s like the moment he spoke out, I can resonate with whatever comes out of his mouth and my itch scratched. Learning from smart people is one of the best feelings. It’s motivating.

In my wildest imagination, I would give it a whole new name, that’s all 🙂

Another thing aside, I’m so happy. I thought i’d be lazy and incapable of handling that. In fact, I’ve taken it and got on pretty well. The overwhelming response makes me happy and excited than anything else. This is nothing but to prove to myself, and myself only that I can do this. I can do it if I really wanna to it and if I said i would do it. Proud of myself.

Just another rambling entry.

Something’s wrong with me recently:
– My nose fucked by the craze haze
– Sleeping pattern messed up. The problem is my mind is still too active no matter how physically tired i already am
– I think i’m losing a little more hair these days. All those tangled hair is irritating
– I miss playing my ukulele, but i want a new one

Will try to sleep now.


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