Zun Zhong

Zun Zhong: to value (something); to esteem; to respect

I have faith in one who embraces ‘zun zhong’. This is something that I have always believed in but never ever before, I’ve felt this grateful for knowing some, or particularly one that I’ve spoken to this morning.

Lately, I’ve accidentally put myself in a tricky situation. As a consequence, I have had to make a hard decision that’s up to his advantage for which I’ve been feeling dead guilty and sorry. So we spoke and here’s why I think he’s awesome.

1. I told him my considerations and thoughts that lead me to the decision. He said "There’s something that’s worth experiencing".
2. I said "Sorry for putting you again in an awkward situation". He said "That’s life. People change their minds. We just need to deal with it."

3. I said "Thank you for being so cool with me". He said "There’s no point in being nasty or angry with you. That’s negative energy for me and for you. And who knows we’re gonna cross paths in the future".

4. I said "I’m prepared for the worst". He said "Who knows if you’re going to revolutionize it."

Above all, I’m thankful that he’s respected my decision and doesn’t ask me to decide otherwise.

Because of this set-you-free let-go, I believe that whatever I’m set out to do, I will have to give it my best shot. Here’s a chance for me to learn, to fall, to brush it off and bounce back. Here’s a chance to more experience and to a tougher me.

Thanks for embracing ‘zun zhong’ and for practicing it. I feel like I’m owing these good people so much, which at the same time motivates me to be a better one in my personal department.

Thanks for everything James.

Zun Zhong

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