friends on social media

*Alert: bitching ahead
So this guy is well-known in the industry for befriending people on social media. He pops up everywhere until his presence becomes irritating.

He added me on LinkedIn quite a while ago and I accepted the request, as usual with other requests I’ve got.

He didn’t really ever carry a single conversation with me since then.

Then I had a new job, at a big agency.

He sent a message with a ‘i-you-we-are-best-friend’ tone asking how I am and how I like my new role at the agency.

I feel like ‘I have no obligation to tell you how my role is cos you don’t even know shit about me to ever start with but since you ask, I would say my new job fucking awesome.’

But I’ve done him a good favour of not giving that slap to his face.

Lame shit.

friends on social media

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