6 March, 2014 06:29

[6/3/14 1:31:12 pm] Jenny: We must always act as a team
[6/3/14 1:31:26 pm] June: they dont, suites are pro client
[6/3/14 1:31:29 pm] Jenny: That’s why the suits want evening perfect
[6/3/14 1:31:36 pm] Jenny: Cos it will reflect on the whole team
[6/3/14 1:32:01 pm] June: it doesnt have to be and you know it
[6/3/14 1:32:13 pm] June: yes we complain here and there but we deliver
[6/3/14 1:42:45 pm] June: they are suits. they will be good friends outside of work. but they wont be effective if they are nice during work. that i understand. so when it comes to work i dont trust suits 100%
[6/3/14 1:42:50 pm] June: lol
[6/3/14 1:44:05 pm] June: you on the other hand is a nice person. and your my pm. you can also understand cos work wise we are all answerable to you
[6/3/14 1:44:26 pm] June: and i know the blame will not go to us because you are our first line of defence
[6/3/14 1:44:39 pm] June: so god help the team once you and fiona are gone
[6/3/14 1:44:44 pm] June: scared dead
[6/3/14 1:45:01 pm] June: anyway see you in a while

6 March, 2014 06:29

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