9 May, 2014 11:34

Bear has just had a very hard week – the first week working here in this new city. He’s sleeping sound next to me right now and I can count his heavy tired breath.

They say it’s nice to move around. They say we will finally get to relax. They say it’s a paradise.

We say let’s try to settle down here.

But it’s not always good when things move too quickly and happen too fast. Sometimes, you just need a moment to validate your situation and to anticipate what will happen next.

I have been staying very grateful to this opportunity. All the efforts that Bear have spent over the last year and how much we had to give up have landed us here.

We can’t stop short now.

When Bear was embracing me this evening, being totally emotional, he was thinking about the worst case scenario. But you know, there’s no la vie en rose. Period. Our parents and families have warned us that we will always struggle in the beginning. But we will only grow tougher and more resilient, won’t we?

As long as we have us ❤

9 May, 2014 11:34

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