Gau makes swiss roll. So yummy


ways to have clear skin

This is my own formula:

  • always wash the face with cold water (even in winter)
  • try not to touch your face throughout the day (this is hard, i know!)
  • drink a cup of warm lemon and honey drink
  • exercise
  • use no cream, no moisturiser at home, especially when you sleep (i used to rely a lot on moisturiser, so i know this is hard to)
  • use only sunblock when stepping out (i used to use BB cream to cover my blemishes but i resorted to not caring anyway. I just want to have breathing skin 🙂 )
  • use masks once or twice a week. Leave the mask on for only 20 – 30 minutes, not any longer. And always rinse your face after masking.
  • eat less meat, more veggies, and drink a lot of water.
  • don’t be violent to the skin.
  • go to bed early at night.
  • try to replace coffee with tea (i can’t really commit to this)
ways to have clear skin